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I can be your gyro!

#Hotdog – it’s trending now!

The Winter Herbasaurus


Available at Red Door Brewery and Blunt Brothers Coffee (see schedule for details).

Menu and Schedule

Our Schedule

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Winter Menu

I can be your Gyro ($10) – the ultimate Mediterranean culinary experience. We start with pork belly marinated in shawarma seasoning and braised in Red Door Brewery’s Trappe Door Wheat. Next we top it with lettuce, tomato, house-made garlic tzatziki, and finish it off with tabbouleh.

#Hotdog ($8) – a hotdog so good it’s always trending. We serve a 1/4 lb all-beef frank and top it with a mustard seed-bacon hash, a fried egg, and house made ketchup. Or is it catsup? Will you help us solve our catsup/ketchup problem?

Herbasaurus ($8) – This season we have gone latin! Seasoned mixed veggies, garlic rice, and house made chipotle sour cream rolled in a spinach tortilla so big, it’ll make your face melt!

Apple Fries ($3) – Take a break from fried food with our fresh cut apples lightly coated in cinnamon and sugar. Each entree also comes with a side of apple fries, so you don’t have to order a la carte.

Breakfast – We serve breakfast at Red Door Brewery and Blunt Brothers coffee, and every day is a different experience. At Blunt Brothers we typically prepare grab-and-go items that will delight your palate, while at Red Door we give you the mouth-watering brunch treatment. We’ve made ginormous Belgian waffles, biscuits and gravy, and even had an omelet station. As long as your adventurous, we’ll keep S’wiching It Up!

About allergies:

We understand that reactions to peanuts and tree nuts can be very severe so we keep these items isolated from the other food. For those with peanut allergies, we buy our peanut butter jarred so there is no peanut dust on the truck. If you are severely allergic to peanut butter, know that we try our very best to keep your health our priority, but as with most nut purveyors we cannot guarantee everything we make is 100% peanut free.

We also have creations for those with gluten intolerance, and you can rest assure that our gluten free items are contamination free. In fact, if you have any reservations about our food preparation, we have information handy and invite you to review our process!

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